Connection bars and other electrical components

Manufacturing connection bars and other electrical components implies numerous challenges because it is often the final step of the manufacturing process. Connectors must be adapted to the remaining space in the machine as well as residual time of the project.

Choosing a supplier able to complete the entire manufacturing process under its roof becomes a strategic advantage allowing for just-in-time delivery, cutting lead-time to its possible minimum. A one-stop-shop also warrants that there is no contamination during the manufacturing, insulation or silver-plating steps.

Delstar Energie is all of that and so much more!

Versatile production capacity

  • Diverse shapes and dimensions
  • Serial production or single pieces
  • Connection bars up to 144 inches
  • Constant repeatability concern
  • Silver-plating per ASTM B700 standard and performed by certified personnel
  • Connector bars insulation
    • Pre-impregnated tape
    • Heat-shrinkable
    • Fluidized epoxy


State-of-the-art equipment

  • Multi-axel taping robot
  • Computer-controlled curing oven constantly monitored
  • Controlled production environment without dust or grease
  • Hi-pot test up to 80kV
  • 80-ton horizontal CNC press brake
  • High capacity bending machine

Quality lies in the details

  • Several dimensional audits throughout the manufacturing process
  • Taping audit before and after curing
  • Meticulous packaging with verification template allowing short or long term storage
  • Employees submitted to continuous learning on the industry’s best practices
  • Manufacturing records available
  • Internal R&D team working to continuously improve our methods, processes and equipment based on newly available technologies.


Connection Bars Manufacturing

  • Flexible connection bars
  • Serial connectors
  • Stator bars
  • Phase connectors
  • Neutral connectors
  • Circular connection bars
  • Support rings
  • Phase terminals
  • Flexible connectors
  • Silver-plated connectors
  • Bus bars
  • Flexible braided terminals

Other electrical components

  • Collector rings
  • Commutator rings
  • Assembly
  • Clamps