High Voltage Motor Manufacturers

Electric motors and generators are at the heart of the manufacturing industry. Combined they consume more than half the energy generated worldwide.

Challenges are numerous for electric motors and generators manufacturers that thrive to build ever-more reliable units with superior energy efficiency ratings at competitive prices. The choice of a competent and reliable subcontractor to manufacture rotor poles and connection bars is therefore a strategic issue.

Delstar Energie offers high quality rotor poles and connection bars to high voltage motors and generators manufacturers so they can appose their brand name on each unit with confidence, whether it is a serial production or a one-time special product.

We also offer refurbishment, re-insulation and renovation services of rotor poles, coils and connection bars for units that reached the end of their useful life.

Services to the high voltage motor industry

  • Traceable and certified removal, treatment and neutralization of asbestos insulation
  • Safe and quick chemical asbestos abatement
  • Chemical bath capable of 8–24 coils a day
  • Rotor pole refurbishment
  • Rotor pole manufacturing
  • Bonding press capable of 8–24 poles a day
  • Pole coil refurbishment
  • Pole coil manufacturing, dovetail or edge wound
  • Automated coil manufacturing machines
  • Manufacturing of stator connection bars
  • Electrical tests
    • Monitored pressure and temperature, recorded during the hardening process
    • Systematic centrifugal and shockwave tests
    • Dielectrical tests
    • Resistance and impedance tests
    • Induced voltage test
  • Electromechanical component assembling specialist
  • Support toward the development of the manufacturing process to produce stator and rotor electrical components

Unit types

  • High voltage electric motors and generators
    • Rotor poles
    • Interpoles
    • Exciter poles
  • Propulsion electric motors (PODS)
  • Salient poles motors