Wind and tidal power

Clean energies such as wind or tidal power generation are achieving a spectacular growth all over the world. Delstar Energie is extremely proud to bring its expertise to the power generation industries of tomorrow.

An average turbine has more than 8,000 parts. The electrical winding of the stators, rotors and exciters, just as all other turbine parts must be well balanced, durable and able to sustain important power variations due to the changing strength of the wind or tide. The smallest variance in alignment or balance can cause noxious vibration or noise requiring very expensive up-tower or underwater repair and adjustments.

At Delstar Energie, we are committed to deliver high quality stators and rotor poles to power generator manufacturers that comply with the highest standards. Our products are reliable and low maintenance.

Services to the wind and tidal power generation industry

  • Prime choice partner for wind generator stator components
  • Manufacturing winded coils and stator/rotor assembly
  • Automated winding equipment
  • Complex assembly
  • Rotor magnetization
  • Electrical tests
    • Monitored pressure and temperature, recorded during the hardening process
    • Systematic centrifugal and shockwave tests
    • Dielectrical tests
    • Resistance and impedance tests
    • Induced voltage test
  • Support toward the development of the manufacturing process to produce stator and rotor electrical components